About 100In1Day Edmonton

What is 100In1Day? 

On June 4 2016, Edmonton will feature 100+ urban interventions. Through this festival, Make Something Edmonton and CITYlab seek to inspire citizens to pilot their small-scale projects or ideas with the intention that some of these projects will be able to foster lasting change in Edmonton.

100In1Day has the power to inspire citizen involvement in building our city by bringing people together for change. It has the potential to motivate leaders to consider new approaches to problems and produce ideas that can grow beyond June 4.

Why should I participate in 100In1Day? 

This is your opportunity to share an existing idea or test a new one that has the potential to improve the city, and have it profiled as part of a big day of city building and civic engagement.

How can I participate in 100In1Day? 

  • Register your idea as a 100in1Day Edmonton project
  • Participate in a workshop to refine your project idea
  • Offer resources or support to other interventions 
  • Spread the word through social media using #100In1DayYEG or #100In1Day
  • Take part on June 4 by implementing your project, or by using the interactive map to identify and participate in other peoples’ projects

Who can participate in 100In1Day? 

Anyone can participate – old or young, new to the city, or lifetime resident! June 4 is a day to re-imagine your city. If you’ve ever had a great idea to improve your neighbourhood or community, here is your chance to test it out.

Who is bringing 100In1Day to Edmonton? 

Make Something Edmonton: showcases and supports the people whose combined efforts are shaping this city—the artists, entrepreneurs, organizers and otherwise engaged citizens who create the experiences that make Edmonton unique. We're here to help connect people, ideas and resources. 

CITYlab: is a team of City of Edmonton planners that sees placemaking a tool to:

  • engage in conversation about how cities evolve
  • connect people to place and to each other
  • learn by testing or piloting innovative ideas
  • highlight City planning goals

How did 100In1Day start? 

100En1Dia was started in 2012 by a group of students in Bogotá. They originally planned to launch six urban interventions that would maximize the potential of their city. Over beers they decided to be more ambitious and launch 100 urban interventions all in one day. On May 25, 2012, over 250 urban interventions took place in Bogotá. An international phenomenon was born that has since spread to over 31 cities around the world

Which cities have celebrated 100In1Day? 

  • In 2012, 100in1day launched in Bogotá, Columbia.
  • In 2013, the festival extended to: Cape Town, South Africa; San José, Costa Rica; Copenhagen, Denmark; Montreal, Canada; Santiago, Chile, El Salvador; Managua, Nicaragua; Malmö, Sweden and Kaluga, Russia.
  • In 2014, this celebration also included: Halifax, Toronto, and Vancouver, Canada.
  • In 2015, Hamilton, Ontario joined.
  • This year, in 2016, Edmonton will also join in on the fun.

Urban Interventions

What is an urban intervention? 

An urban intervention is a single activity, project or installation that makes our community a better place. It may be led by an individual, community-based group, or an organization. 

Projects can be practical, like planting trees or pop-up street furniture. They can be social, like hosting a block party. They can be artistic, like flash mobs or yarn bombing. They can challenge us. They can fix problems or create welcoming places for everyone in our city. They can be as big or as small as you want. Projects should be small-scale, safe, legal and inclusive. Your project could be something you’re already planning or it can be a new idea just for 100 in 1 Day. 

Examples of urban interventions include:

  • Art installations or street art
  • Performances or storytelling in the park
  • Planting community gardens or cleaning up a park
  • Screening films outdoors
  • Hosting a community potluck or BBQ
  • Playing recreational games such as soccer, jump rope or hopscotch
  • Setting up a free lemonade stand and talking to passersby

How do I create an intervention? 

Whether you have an idea or not, you are welcome to attend our launch event or one of our free workshops to get your creative juices flowing. You may have to gather resources, or reach out to other networks to create your intervention. It can be a big idea that needs lots of involvement, or as simple as you saying hello to strangers on June 4. 100In1Day serves as a platform for you launch the intervention that will make your city a better place to live.

Do I need to register my intervention with you? 

We encourage you to register your intervention so that it can be promoted on the Make Something Edmonton website and showcased on our interactive map. Our website is a platform for you to ask for resources and gather collaborators and supporters.

How do I submit my 100in1Day Project? 

Complete the project submission form
Create a Make Something Edmonton profile
Create a page for your project

After a short review process, we’ll add your project to the growing 100in1Day map. 

Can I enter anything as a 100in1Day project? 

There are a few principles for interventions, as long as you follow these, it is up to you!

What support and resources can I expect for my intervention? 

Your project is your idea – and we hope you will run with it! We will provide you with a Project Leader Toolkit and Project Checklist with other resources to help you execute your intervention. After that, it is up to you!

People will discover your project once you have added it to our website. We’ll also be promoting 100in1Day across the city. Your project should be self-contained and should not require additional support from the 100in1Day Edmonton team. 100in1Day is an open platform for participation, and you are the organizer!

What if I want to be part of someone else’s project?

Check out the project map to help out with an existing idea. You can review the interventions and contact the organizer of your favorite project to offer your support.

Under what circumstances would I need a permit from the city for my intervention? If I need one, how do I go about getting it? 

We encourage you to think “small, temporary, safe and light” when you are planning your project – the simpler it is, the less likely you are to require a City permit to complete it!

If you want to hold a project on private property, you don’t need a permit – just the owner’s permission.

If you do want to use City land or if you need civic services, you will require a permit. Please be aware that City permits can take several weeks to process. Applying for a permit at least 4 weeks in advance will help ensure that you get your permit on time. (That’s May 6th!)

You may need a permit if you are:

  • Planning an project in a park
  • Having vendors selling food or merchandise
  • Setting up tents or other large structures 
  • Having pyrotechnic activities, such as fire pits, fire sculptures or fire performances
  • Closing a road, sidewalk or alley to host an event
  • Installing something on a sidewalk – even temporarily 

The permitting process is how the City manages and protects public spaces for the benefit of all Edmontonians, so please be patient as we work through this process with you.

Can my political, commercial, or religious event be considered an intervention? 

No. We discourage anything that is intended to make a statement pertaining to a certain belief or ideology, or has political or profit motivations. We encourage all groups to participate and host interventions, however the intervention itself needs to be a non-partisan, open community event.

Who should I contact if I have other questions or for more information? 

If you would like more information about the event, about projects or interventions, or how you can get involved, we encourage you to attend an event or get in touch with us: 100in1Day@edmonton.ca


100In1Day is all about your ideas, however we still have some guiding principles for the day.

100In1Day projects should:

  • Make our city better!
  • Build and foster community networks
  • Be non-partisan and non-commercial
  • Be safe, legal, respectful and inclusive

Participation is free

No fees or charges are to be collected to participate in a 100in1Day project, nor should any project be tied to commercially-driven activities.

As 100in1Day project leaders and participants, you will be responsible for designing your project, for personal and public welfare in creating and launching the project, and in the care and clean-up of the project at the end of its lifespan.


Individuals participating in 100In1Day are solely responsible for any and all costs associated with their project. Participants are also solely responsible for making any applications and acquiring any licenses or permits necessary to carry out their project.